Surprising Medicinal Benefits Of Ginger You Must Know

Medicinal Benefits Of Ginger

Ginger is a common herb used in many home remedies. It is also used as a spice in many foods. You might have read a lot about the benefits of ginger tea. Wholesale spices suppliers in Australia import this herb from Asia. Ginger tea is of great help if you are looking for a home remedy for motion sickness. A segment of the scientific community also claims that ginger can be helpful in cancer prevention. In this article, we will cover the benefits of ginger

Motion Sickness    

If you are experiencing cold sweats, vomiting, dizziness and other symptoms of motion sickness then you should drink ginger tea. According to a study, ginger can help in decreasing motion sickness. Moreover, there are no side effects of ginger. So, there is nothing wrong in drinking ginger tea for motion sickness.       

Nausea From Chemotherapy Or Morning Sickness 

Ginger contains some active components called gingerols. These components can provide relief from nausea caused by surgery, chemotherapy or pregnancy. If you cannot take standard drugs due to any reason, you are undergoing chemotherapy or you are pregnant, you can use ginger as an alternative to anti-nausea drugs.  

Heart Health and Blood Pressure 

Research suggests that consuming ginger is good for your heart health. This herb offers benefits including: 

  • Improved blood circulation 
  • Low cholesterol
  • Relief from heartburn 
  • Blood clots prevention 
  • Heart attack prevention 
  • Lower blood pressure 

Blood Sugar and Weight Control 

In 2012, Columbia University conducted a study on 10 overweight men. They were given hot ginger tea to drink. They found that drinking ginger tea reduced hunger by increasing the feeling of fullness. According to a review, you can manage obesity by including ginger in your diet. It also helps in preventing obesity-related complications. If you are suffering from type 2 diabetes, you can reduce A1C and improve blood sugar control with ginger. 

Pain Relief

People have been using ginger to get relief from pain for centuries. All ancient civilizations have used ginger in their home remedies. They treat inflammation using ginger as a herb. Modern scientific evidence also supports this claim. You can drink ginger tea to alleviate sore muscles, menstrual cramps, headaches and more. 

Cancer Prevention And Immune Support

Ginger contains some antioxidants that can reduce stress and improve your immunity. You can get relief from environmental allergies, nasal congestion, common cold and other respiratory issues by inhaling ginger tea steam. Some studies also suggest that this herb may help in cancer prevention. It can fight colon cancer, pancreatic cancer and several other types of cancer cells. 

Wholesale spices suppliers supply this herb in different forms such as ginger kibbled. You can find many good recipes for ginger tea. Ginger tea can be made with and without milk.

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