Men in Dress Shirts: All You Need for a Stylish Modern Look

Men in Dress Shirts: All You Need for a Stylish Modern Look

When it comes to stylish modern looks, there is nothing quite like a great fitting dress shirt. Men in dress shirts can look sharp, professional and sophisticated regardless of the occasion. In this article, we will look at why dress shirts are so popular, what different styles are available, and how to choose the right shirt for you. We’ll also include some helpful tips and FAQs so you can get the most out of your wardrobe.

Why Dress Shirts?

Dress shirts have been a wardrobe staple for men for decades, and it’s easy to see why. They provide a professional and polished look that can be worn for the office or for more formal occasions. Not only are dress shirts comfortable, but they can instantly elevate any look.

Types of Dress Shirts

When shopping for dress shirts, one of the most important factors is choosing the right style of shirt. There are a wide range of styles available to suit different preferences. Some of the most popular styles include:

  • Oxford Shirts: Oxford shirts are classic, easy to wear and timeless – perfect for the office or for weekend wear. Oxford shirts usually feature two pockets, and a button-down collar.
  • Twill Shirts: Twill shirts are another popular choice and tend to have a more casual look. They are great for casual occasions or layering under jackets and sweaters.
  • Linen Shirts: Linen shirts are lightweight and breathable, perfect for warmer climates. They often feature a relaxed fit and may have an interesting texture.
  • Chambray Shirts: Chambray shirts have a slightly heavier feel than linen and are made from a blend of cotton and linen. They are ideal for dressier occasions and can easily be dressed up or down.

Choosing the Right Shirt

When shopping for a dress shirt, it is important to find one that fits well and matches your personal style. Consider the style of shirt, the fit and the color. Choose a shirt with a fitted but comfortable silhouette and look for a fabric that is breathable and doesn’t wrinkle easily. As for color, look for something that compliments your complexion and wardrobe.


Dress shirts are a must-have for any modern man. Whether you are looking for professional office wear, something for a formal event, or just a stylish weekend look, a great fitting dress shirt is the perfect choice. With the right style and fit, you can look good and feel great.


Q: What type of dress shirt should I wear to an interview? 

A: For an interview, it is best to choose a dress shirt that is simple and professional. Avoid busy patterns, bright colors and overly informal styles such as polos. Oxford or twill shirts are a great choice as they pair well with suits, blazers and slacks. 

Q: How should a dress shirt fit? 

A: When it comes to fit, the key is to find one that is comfortable but not too loose. The sleeves should reach just past the wrists, with no excess fabric bunching up. The chest should be fitted but not too tight. The buttons should not pull, and when buttoned up, the shirt should not be too tight around the neck. 

Q: What type of shirt should I wear for a formal event?

A: For formal occasions, it is best to opt for dress shirts with a more classic silhouette. Try a linen or a twill shirt and pair it with a tailored blazer and trousers. If you prefer a more casual look, chambray or oxford shirts are great options. 

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