Most Fascinating Facts About Money Plants

Most Fascinating Facts About Money Plants

The money plant is a common plant in most Indian households. It is a beautiful vine that covers balconies or porch walls and is just so green! The money plant has many health benefits, as well; it is known for its air-purifying properties and its ability to thrive in varying light conditions. At Urvann, the online plant nursery, you can buy money plants online and get them delivered to your home the next day, free of any shipping charges. Today, let us discuss some of the most fascinating facts about money plants. 


Have you wondered why the plant is known by its name? There is a little story behind this: a poor man lived in a forest and struggled even for the basic amenities. He prayed for God to change his luck and make him wealthy. One day, while returning with a few fruits to eat from the forest, he stumbled upon a pretty-looking plant and decided to grow it in his tiny home. To his surprise, when he sowed the plant, multiple trees grew from one, and he became wealthy. Since then, the plant has been called the money plant. Fascinating, isn’t it?


Most people only know that the money plant can be grown from cuttings, but here is an interesting fact: Mature/ big money plants also produce seed pods. These seeds are found in disc-like pods. These seed pods are extremely rare, maybe sprouting in a plant that may be decades old. Most of the money plants around us have been produced from stem cuttings. 


One of the most impressive qualities of the money plant is its ability to grow equally well in both soil and water. Just take a stem cutting and dip it in water for a few days until roots appear. It is essential to keep changing the water weekly during this time. Once the roots appear, you can let the plant thrive in water or put it in the soil after a few days. Isn’t it just wonderful how Mother Nature works? 


One of a money plant’s most popular health benefits is its ability to thrive in low-lighting conditions. And we are not talking about diffused or filtered sunlight; you can actually put the plant in a place with no sunlight and still see it growing. Having said that, the plant’s growth may be slow, but it will certainly live. You can place the plant in an area where it receives diffused sunlight and see it grow and watch it vines dance gracefully in the breeze. 


The money plant is vastly popular for its air-purifying qualities. It can filter out common indoor pollutants such as formaldehyde and xylene. The plant leaves absorb these toxins and breathe out oxygen-rich air, making your home better for your family. Including the money plant in your indoor gardens is a great idea. 

We hope you enjoyed reading these fascinating facts about the money plant and are now encouraged to make them a part of your home gardens. 

Happy Gardening, Pip-Pip!

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