9 Things You Should Never Do After a Workout . You Will Not Believe The Number Six !

You just finished that last rep, knocked out that last mile or completely exhausted yourself busting out pull-ups. Now, you want nothing more than to collapse on the couch, have a bagel, and veg out. It’s self-rewarding, in a way, and if things are done in the correct sequence, you’ll be relaxing and reloading for the next bout in the gym.

But there is a list of no-nos you’re going to want to keep in mind. They’re easy traps and habits to fall into, so be vigilant.

1. Eat the wrong thing

You just burned a bunch of calories, so you deserve a treat, right? Well, maybe. But that doesn’t mean you should go pig out on a bunch of garbage. In fact, you should aim to give your body what it needs — not necessarily what you want.

The list of foods to avoid is long, but it definitely includes candy, pastries, fast food — pretty much anything that common sense would tell you to avoid. try to find  Health fitness club.

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