5 Ways You’ve Never Heard of Before to Look Stylish on a Budget

A budget is subjective. One person’s save is another person’s splurge, but everyone is working within some financial parameters. Today, I’m sharing my best tips to look stylish on a budget.

Creating a classic wardrobe that feels sophisticated yet comfortable is a lesson in nuances and simplicity.It’s also ever-changing. You will forever be editing and updating your wardrobe. Keeping your wardrobe modern is my goal. Most of our readers aren’t looking for crazy trends or head-to-toe designer looks.

Instead, they want to keep it simple, classic, stylish, and easy to put together. Looking great while being smart with your money is more about exercising a deft hand in how you dress and what you buy rather than bringing more into your closet.

If we were chatting over a glass of wine, this is precisely what I would tell you to do to look stylish on a budget, regardless of what your personal style might be.

1. Stop Wearing Old Crap

I’ll, and not so eloquently.

Stop. Wearing. Old. Crap. I spent ten years as a personal stylist for very normal people with very normal budgets. I have stood in thousands of closets, and the one common thread (pun intended) is that too many women are holding onto and wearing their old crap.

You don’t need a closet full of clothes to look fabulously put together. You just need the right pieces, and you need to replace the things you’re holding on to that you shouldn’t wear anymore.

  • An astonishing number of clients would try to keep stained and damaged pieces because they could “put something over it.”
  • But the most common offense, the real reason I was there, was that they didn’t see when items were becoming dated.

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