DIY guide to navigating youth without going bitter

Life’s a shit-business sometimes but you have to drag yourself out of bed and fight, and when you learn how to fight a lot of this gets easier. These days I know by name the things
that bring me down and I have a box of tools to deal with them. When it’s good, I know I’m not a creep and I know I’m not a loser, and when it gets bad—and it does—I can remember how the good days felt. Still, there are some mean bastards and some cold fucking facts, and some days it’s a willful act of refusal just to keep moving. And there it is, the Big
Motherfuckin’ Sad comin’ at you, and you gotta look it right in the eye and square up to it .

  1. Never work a job where the bosses don’t respect you. Never be afraid to say, “Fuck it,” and quit your job, even if the economy is shitty. A bad boss will ruin your life and make you bitter. An abusive boss will make you feel inhuman.
  2. Set your expectations high but be ready to work. Be ready to fight like a wild animal.
  3. Be good to people. Even the shitty ones. Let the assholes be assholes. You’ll sleep better.
  4. Never lie. Even when the truth is painful, tell it. Square up to the repercussions.
  5. Find good heroes, the ones who make you feel less alone. That being said: Learn how to spend time alone. Too many friends will cheapen your friendships. Find the best people and stick with them. Use this idea: Less friends; better friends. Know that the best people are quiet and brave. The best people Listen and the best people know how to do things. To be great, fill yourself up until you’re full.
  6. Do it (all) yourself. Don’t wait around for record labels or publishers or bosses or moneypeople. If you wait to be discovered, you’ll wind up disappointed.
  7. Freedom is everything.