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5 Fun Tips To Carry Your Jewelry Like A Star

The latest jewelry in women’s collections is picture-perfect to compliment the personality and beauty of a woman. Let’s talk about the ways to style it like ‘wow’.

The women enthusiastic for gold, diamond, and pearls found new inspiration when Ivanka Trump said, Jewelry is incredibly feminine, and reflects the grace and beauty of a women’s style like nothing else. Probably this is the reason why more and more fashionistas are plumping to update their wardrobe with exclusive jewelry trends. Some of the hot trending accessories include charm bracelets, hoop earrings, women’s gold dome rings, and others.

But as your luxurious jewel is key to updating your fashion game, it should not be decked out in a boring way. Wondering, how to ensure that? Check out our top tips to carry your jewelry like a star.

  • Go For Personalized Jewelry

Other than enhancing the style statement, it is a must that jewelry should make a wearer feel delightful. Now, this is only possible if an ornament matches your preferences and personality. Thus, whether you are buying designer jewelry for engagement, wedding, or to update your own collection, consider buying the customized jewelry. 

  • Layer It Up

When you are having a large collection of jewelry, why wear it in a simple way? You can create the layers with your rings, necklaces, and bangles. In case you are layering your necklaces, make sure that every piece varies in length, color, and texture so that it turns out to be a feast to the eyes. 

Another way to layer your jewelry is to wear multiple earrings at one time. Well, this is something quite common these days. Such style not only lets you put your jewelry to better use but also makes you look classic and chic.

  • Do Not Always Coordinate Your Jewelry With Clothing

Mostly women shop and wear jewelry that matches well with the style and color of clothing. But that should not always be the rule. For fashionistas who desire to stand unique among the crowd, we suggest you ditch the traditional rules and experiment using your favorite accessories. You can match your vibrant accessories with lighter shade couture, and vice versa to create a glamorous statement. 

  • Make Sure To Consider The Neckline Before Buying Necklaces

Necklaces look a lot more bewitching when they are shorter than the neckline of your outfit. Thus, if you have recently bought the exclusive gold chain necklace and are dreaming to flaunt it like a star, don’t forget to consider the shape of your dress’s neckline. You can even ditch the necklace if your outfit has a high neck or low cuts.

  • Be Extremely Careful When Choosing The Earrings

Yes, there are ample assortments of earrings available in the market or online store, and you might probably have an eye on all of the styles. However, it is not about the trend and variety but about looking our best. Thus, while shopping for earrings, keep in mind the face of your shape, hair, eye color, and skin tone. This will help you find the earrings that perfectly compliments your facial features.

In A Nutshell

These are some of the tips that will surely let you have a whale of a time with your jewelry. Whether you are about to opt for the trending ornaments like women’s gold dome rings or evergreen pieces, make sure to listen to your heart and ditch the rules. After all, sometimes the most important rule is to ignore the rules.

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